polished plaster

A very stylish wall finish that recreates the splendour of the ancient Venetian villas. It is also known as Italian plaster, Stucco or Polished plaster.

The modern product has been achieved folllowing traditional techniques that guarantee high resistance, unalterable colours and minimum thickness that makes it suitable to be applied both to interiors and exteriors.

It is made of natural ingredients, based on marble dust, minerals, pigments, water and special aditives. It does not contain solvents, it is odourless, non inflammable, environmentally friendly. A breathable finish that allows the natural diffusion of humidity through the wall, avoiding the formation of moth and bacteria. It is applied by hand with a spatula and finished with natural wax.

Its high degree of elasticity makes it ideal to adapt to curved areas and columns without cracking, covering the existing gaps in the substrate. Its characteristics are how it reacts with its surroundings and light. The walls change appearance with the viewed angle and the change of light levels as well as picking up reflections from materials around them.

From hotel lobbies and restaurants to kitchens and bathrooms. All our plasters are available in a standard palette or in custom colours. Other available finishes include marmorino, travertino, metallic shades, embedded designs, antique effects and more.