tiles and mosaics

Mosaic decoration can be a stunning element in contemporary interior design. There are also wonderful mosaic decorations in Gaudi’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, as well in St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Sacré Coeur in Paris and many other beautiful old buildings.

The basic material for a byzantine-style mosaic decoration is the glass tesserae. It is produced in Italy by master craftsmen, following traditional procedures. Thousands of different colours can be obtained from just a few dozen oxides. Our standard palette is available in 120 colours.

Gold tesserae uses real, 24-carat gold. The golden leaf is placed between a transparent glass base and a fine glass panel that protects the surface. The three elements, heated at high temperature, are welded into a single block. The tesserae is finally cut by hand.

Our tiles are completely handmade in our workshop. We specialize in geometric patterns in relief using a wide range of colors-glazes. Our aim is quality, not so much quantity. We consider developing designs proposed by our clients.