“…the most dedicated, punctual and impeccable artist, with a very good sense of colour and proportion. A joy to work with.”
Christophe Gollut, Interior Designer

“I approached Javier with an idea I had for a mirrored mosaic ceiling plaque.
After simply listening to my artistic perceptions and understanding what I really wanted,
he came back with an idea that was beyond my expectations and imagination. He had combined his unique sense of creativity with his knowledge of tradition and historical art, using also a contemporary eye. The final piece was breathtaking and meticulous, encapsulating all of the above.”
Sangita Bonnie Singh – The Lounge Restaurant

“Exceptional talent, a wizard of paint finishes. He is a conscientious and dedicated craftsman with an artist’s experience and inspiration. His mastery of surfaces of all kinds is second to none.”
Stella von Boch Interiors

“Beautifully finished polished plaster work done with great care.”
Tim Moss Kitchen Furniture

“I have known and worked with Javier Romano for over 10 years and throughout that time I have never had any reason to doubt his abilities. Javier is an artist, and more importantly a fine technician too. This means he can, and does, create unique works of art especially for you, to the highest standard. I have also been able to recommend Javier to many of my most important clients with confidence.”
Matthew Lloyd-Winder Stained Glass Studio

“Javier gilded in gold leaf a unique large antique table for me and the end result was superb both in terms of the quality of the workmanship and the customer service received.”
Christopher Hardy

“Javier came and painted our dining-room which he transformed. We have green material above the dado rail and had never managed to tie in the bottom to it. Javier painted these magical panels along the bottom which look fantastic. It has changed the whole room and enhanced it so much.”
Frances Stanley

“Javier came to my attention when he redecorated a wood panelled office for our company. Such was the fantastic result I immediately requested his services for a private job at my home. Four weeks later he had completed the decoration of a cupboard that I had had especially built, and a wall mirror.  Apart from the stunning result, Javier is immaculately tidy and a true gentleman.”
Nigel Everett

“Javier has an exceptional eye for detail and a perfectionists finish. Their work is flawless and highly recommended.”
Rory Barratt Studio Interiors Ltd.

“Thank you so much for your splendid refurbishment to the Red Room Office at the Theatre Royal Haymarket .  Your work is superb and it has enhanced our historical  building back to its original glory.  I would totally recommend Javier to anyone who has an emotion for restoration or a visual for excellence in decoration.”
Arnold M Crook – Theatre Royal Haymarket

“We have had the good fortune to work with Javier for several years, and highly recommend him. He is professional and organised in his dealings, his craft is beautifully executed and designed, and his delivery is exemplary. Javier is an artist and a gentleman, and it is a joy to work with him.”
Nina Ecclestone (Sussex)